About Us

Our History

Multi Media Cottage, LLC is a small business with big aspirations created by Charlene Dickinson after a 30 year career in information technology.

It began with an interest in helping families preserve their memories that are usually stored in boxes of photos, slides and home movies without organization and infrequently viewed. Transforming these into a video format with titles, transitions, music and theme, create an entertaining experience that is easily shared and passed on. Adding document imaging services was the next step.

Highly accurate optical character recognition software provides the capability to transform paper into many different formats, including fully searchable PDF, which is a very popular option. Other services are multimedia in nature. We've expanded our services based on client requests.

We're not afraid to try something new and the first client always gets a significant price break during our learning experience. We have fun doing what we do and we really enjoy working with our clients.

Our People

We do what we do because we enjoy it. We are technology junkies and style aficionados. Our passion for what we do is what sets us apart and is the reason our clients return again and again.

Charlene Dickinson
Charlene is the head honcho, keeps the books, and keeps the clients coming back for more.

Jeff Menter
Jeff was our tech and style guru. He knows as much about technology as he knows about aesthetics. Balance is important. Jeff now comes in on a contract basis to back up the home team.

Alan Burtrum
Alan is stepping in to the head geek position.

Terry Dickinson
Terry is our Chief Flight Instructor and idea man.


Our facilities mix warmth with state of the art technology to provide a comfortable environment for the creation of ideas.

We have a large conference room with a wide-screen high-definition monitor to track the progress of your project.

Our Clients

Alaska Department of Education
Multi Media Cottage was picked to become the producer for the Alaska Reading DVD training series. Multi Media Cottage did all of the video editing, DVD authoring, some project management, and graphics and layout work for the Alaska Reading project. MMC continues to support the program.

Medallion Foundation
Multi Media Cottage has provided price competitive CD/DVD replication services, and a marketing multimedia CD business card to the Medallion Foundation.

Multi Media Cottage performed a contract for Section 508 compliant document scanning.

Sandra Covey | Young Learners
Multi Media Cottage provided support for Sandy's marketing and training Video CDs and DVDs.

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