Legal Technology Services

You can count on Multi Media Cottage for the highest quality services and FAST turnaround.


We can scan your documents with OCR and get them prepared for your favorite litigation support software. Our OCR engines are some of the most accurate in the business, our scanners some of the most reliable, and our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable.


A/V Duplication

We can handle all kinds of A/V duplication requests. Standard services include:

• VHS Videocassette Duplication
• DVD Video Duplication
• Audio Cassette Duplication
• Audio CD Duplication



We are prepared to handle all manner of media conversion problems. From simple video format conversions to complicated image and video conversions, call on Multi Media Cottage to produce the impossible! Services include:

• Video Conversion (from/to formats include VHS, MiniDV, Hi-8, DVD, Video-CD, 8mm film, MPEG-1, etc.)
• Audio Conversion (from/to formats include Audio Cassette, Audio CD, FTR Gold, Micro Cassette, Olympus DSS files, .wav, .mp3, etc.)
• Video Capture to MPEG-1
• Image Conversion and Output

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