Photo Scanning

We can scan your photos (prints, slides, medium-format transparencies, or negatives). Once scanned, the possibilities are endless!

Photo Scanning

Scanning your photos is only part of the equation. We treat your precious photographic memories with the greatest of care. The following sizes and resolutions are your options:

Sizes: up to 11"x17"
Formats: Print, Slide, Medium format Transparency
Resolution: up to 1600ppi

Formats: Jpeg, Tiff, Photoshop, etc.


Photo Options

Digitize your scrapbook pages to share with family and friends. You work hard to personalize your family memories in this unique format but it is difficult to share. By letting us digitize your pages, you can share them through email or as a collection on CD or DVD with music!



Archive your high-resolution scans to CD or DVD-ROM. If you can't decide what to do today, you can store your scanned photos on archival quality CD or DVD ROM discs. Quality CD and DVD media should have a shelf life of over 50 years, so there's no rush to decide what to do with them! And once digital photos don't fade!


Create a custom slideshow or screensaver (Windows or Macintosh). Create a custom self-launching slideshow or image-based screensaver. You can use as many or as little images as you like. These items make a great gift, and a great way to keep in touch.


Create DVD Video of your photos and add music of your choice. DVD Video is fast becoming the most convenient way to share visual imagery and adding tasteful transitions make these videos really stand out. It's a great way to share the memories with loved ones that may be far away.

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